What has been observed? Lane County Wildflower Flora Blitz observations from past years.

Thank you everyone for participating in this year’s Flora blitz leading up to the annual Mt Pisgah Arboretum Wildflower Festival. Since the beginning of the festival, in 1980, data on the number and diversity of plant species on display at the Festival has been recorded.

In 2020 we offered a virtual display of plant species in Lane County through iNaturalist observations. We have continued both the virtual and in -person display.

In the 2nd day of this year’s festival, 15 May, observations have been posted of 132 plant species! There are 3 more days to make observations. All wild plants of any size are counted, they don't have to be in bloom. It is nice to capture plants in flower bud or fruiting. With the nice weather I hope everyone ventures out to their favorite wildflower walks in Lane County and posts some observations. Right around Mt Pisgah and the surrounding Howard Buford Park Recreation Area are top wildflower viewing locations.

Have fun and see you all at the Festival.

DATE and # Plant Species Observed
2023 16-20 May: 458
2022 10-14 May: 368
2021 11-15 May: 470
2020 13-17 May: 393 1st Flora Blitz No in-person Festival

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