Some notes on the first twenty observations.

The first twenty observations I submitted were taken on the same day as I went through a maize field. This particular field had several cover crop treatments (Faba, Oats, Both, Fallow) at different termination times applied to it. It had traditional herbicidal treatment (though I am unsure on exactly what products were used). Photos were taken once each of every unique weed I saw - except for those I'm less confident with ID'ing.

The most abundant weed by far was summergrass (Digitaria sanguinalis), growing inter-row and in-row. Amaranthus sp., Erigeron sp. and Trifolium sp. were common. Most other species were uncommon and often only encountered once. Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) were observed. Both Trifolium repens and Trifolium pratense were observed, although the latter did not get photographed and included here.

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To catalogue weeds in the maize fields of New Zealand with the aim of building a reliable weed flora.

In-crop observations are preferred. Fenceline, roadside, etc weeds need to be indicated as such.

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