Molluscan Mycophagy Reaches 100 Observations

Molluscan Mycophagy has reached 100 observations!

In its first 5 months and 2 weeks, 100 observations have been added to Molluscan Mycophagy. Sixty-seven observers have documented 26 species, with the top three species observed all slugs native to western North America. I look forward very much to using this project in my future research, and an early thanks go to @kathawk @cedric_lee @dpom @anudibranchmom @robberfly and @carita for making and curating their observations. If anyone knows someone good with their fungus ...more ↓

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Very little is known about the natural history of terrestrial gastropods. They are known to be important detritivores, but they are also likely important dispersers of forest fruit seeds and fungal spores (Richter 1980, Gervais et al. 1998). I hope to conduct future research on the importance of terrestrial gastropods on the consumption and potential dispersal of fungus in the Pacific ...more ↓

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