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Dear iNaturalists,

SHSU is seeking data on the occurrence of a specific OE parasite in Monarch butterflies.

About the parasite: LINK -
Ophryocystis elektroscirrha (sometimes abbreviated OE or O.e.[1]) is an obligate, neogregarine parasite that infects monarch (Danaus plexippus) butterflies.

Tis study has concluded but we will keep the project live for purposes of follow-up.

Thanks to everyone for their assistance.

Posted by rjnjr rjnjr, April 18, 2017 15:04


The link for the spore cards is sending it to a site that says it doesn't exist. Help?

Posted by oceanicwilderness over 3 years ago (Flag)

Sorry: The study concluded a few weeks ago and I have not taken down the links! My apologies.

Posted by rjnjr over 3 years ago (Flag)

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