Myrtle rust reporter has been going 2 weeks

Hi everyone,

We are two weeks into the myrtle rust reporter so I thought it would be worthwhile giving a quick update on where we are at. So far we have had two reports of myrtle rust into the project one via the app and the other via the main NatureWatch NZ page. Just over 500 people have installed the app and about 50 have taken the time to log observations of potential host plants from the far north to Queenstown in the south. As a group we are slowly covering the country. with 200 observations of potential host plants that people are keeping an eye on. Not all observations have been of myrtle species and a huge shout out to the NatureWatch NZ community members that are helping people with the IDs so they know what they should or should not be keeping an eye on.

We are now on the countdown to Christmas so do encourage your colleagues, friends and families to get into the surveillance programme over the break. They might need a hand to get started so please take ...more ↓

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Myrtle rust is a serious biosecurity threat to NZ. Your help is needed to protect our natural and productive environments. As citizen scientists one way to help is by mapping potential host plants and then monitoring them periodically for signs of the disease.

This project is linked to the Myrtle Rust Reporter phone app (shortly available for iPhone or Android) that can be used for ...more ↓

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