The 2016 Garden Bird Survey: 25th June – 3rd July

To add your observations, please go to the Garden Bird Survey website where you'll find a web form set up exactly how you need it for the survey.

We will be archiving the data from the survey nightly here on NatureWatch NZ into this invitation-only project.

The official garden bird survey web form doesn't accept photos. But we like photos! If you take photos of the birds in your garden, please add them directly to NatureWatch NZ as general observations throughout the week. If you'd like to connect these to your official survey data, just make sure that the location and time are the same as your survey.

If you're really keen and are familiar with using NatureWatch NZ, you can also add the correct SurveyID value to the field ...more ↓

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The garden bird survey is an annual mid-winter event in New Zealand to track how our birds are doing in our cities, towns, and rural areas. To participate in the 2016 survey, enter your observations onto the form at Landcare Research's garden bird survey ...more ↓

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