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In July 2014, 86 new species were added to the interactive key to New Zealand weeds (, along with a set of habitat characters (e.g., grasslands; parks, gardens and footpaths; roadsides and disturbed sites etc.) for all weeds in the key. This raises the total to more than 600 taxa (species, subspecies, varieties, hybrids and cultivars).

The TFBIS (Terrestrial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System) Programme funded the majority of this project. For 2013–2015, TFBIS have provided further funds to add more than 100 species to this popular key.

TFBIS are also funding an app version for smartphones and tablets.

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This project is a place to share your observations of old and new weeds in New Zealand. There's now about as many wild introduced plants in New Zealand as natives, and some of these have become pests, or are starting to make trouble. You're welcome to join this project if you want to help us learn more about these pest plants and their biology and impacts. Note: these records are not just ...more ↓

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