How to search parasites on iNat by host species

URL search parameters

iNat has not made it easy, but it is possible to search for parasites/diseases by the host species using url search parameters. To start go to all observations in this project (or anywhere else really), in this example the URL is:

Each chunk of this url after the ? is a 'url parameter', and each parameter is separated with a &. So this url is using these three ...more ↓

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This is a project to collect all observations of plant infecting fungi, viruses, bacteria and any other non-animal plant diseases in Africa. This includes leaf spots, rusts, stem cankers, fungal or bacterial galls, witch's brooms, powdery mildews, mosaic viruses, parasitic plants, etc. Anything that infects plants other than animals.

Please create an observation of the host plant as ...more ↓

brnhn created this project on April 16, 2022
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