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In weed circles, dumped garden waste is often talked about as a worryingly frequent way that weeds from gardens make the jump into bush reserves and other wildlands. We figured it would be helpful to get some evidence of how widespread this is throughout NZ, and learn more about the diversity of plants being dumped into the wild.

So, if you see a pile of garden waste dumped by a roadside somewhere, stop and have a look at what's been dumped and what's spreading. And, if you're a gardener, please be sure to dispose of your garden waste responsibly.

If you've got any comments or questions, you can leave them as replies to this post.

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This is a project to monitor the effects of garden waste dumping in New Zealand. This is one of the ways that weeds move out into wild places from towns.

We ask that everyone adding observations to this project adds the field "sourced from dumped garden waste".

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