reminder and a call for help with flower identifications

I noticed that it is a good time for a reminder and a call for help with flower identifications. I'm happy to see many new members of the project and a lot of records. It's field season, so probably I have to come back to this topic at the end of the summer when it is time for more identifications again.

So, the main aim of the project is to record the flowering plant taxon the pollinator was visiting. For difficult plants it can be an ID at family level, but hopefully a lot of plants can be identified to species.

Flowers can have a long life span, but only for a limited amount of time they have a functional life span. It is helpful to note when the flower is truly receptive for pollination.

The most used and recommended observation fields are:
Interaction->Visited flower of:
Associated species with names lookup:

Regards, Jelle

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Welcome to the project Pollinators in the Mediterranean and Europe

Wild Bees and the flowers they visit are the focus of this project, but other insect pollinator records are also welcome additions.
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