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We updated the project today to add a few more bells and whistles for keen folk that want to add more information about their seedling plots.

The project was initially set up defining seedlings as any juvenile woody plant <45 cm (18 inches) high. We've now added a field, "Woody seedling height class (cm)", so you can separately enter seedlings of different height classes. These follow the standard categories used by New Zealand's National Vegetation Survey protocol (<15 cm, 16–45 cm, 46–75 cm, 76–105 cm, 106–135 cm). If you use these, add one observation for each height class represented in your plot for each species. Otherwise, you can keep this set at the default value of "not recorded".

There's also now a field "Inside plot?" that's set to "yes" by default but you should change it to "no" when you add observations of species you ...more ↓

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Here's a quick way to monitor the diversity of woody seedlings regenerating at a site.

Randomly select a location within your site and place or measure one square meter on the ground at that location. Photograph an example of every species of woody seedling of tree, shrub, and vine that you can find in your square. (There's a drop-down list so you can separate seedlings of different ...more ↓

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