Christopher Cookson

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I'm based in Marlborough and have an interest in photography and natural history. Although I never got around to graduating, I studied plant and microbial science at university to year three, with a particular interest in fungi.

I'm self-employed in the IT industry, with a focus on database and website development.
Combining my interest in natural history with website development and data management, I've run a website providing information about Marlborough since around 2002 at my own expense, adding content on the region's natural history as I get time, and can confirm species identifications.

A note about copyright: I mark my images as all rights reserved, but if for some reason you have a need to use an image, ask, and explain your usage scenario, and I'll see what I can do.
I like the concept of CC licensing, but I've seen cases where it's not honoured, and I like the ability to choose on a case by case scenario how my images are used.
I also know 'non-profit' doesn't necessarily mean 'no-money'. Some 'non-profits' get healthy grants and pay healthy salaries even though the organisation as a whole doesn't make a profit.
My philosophy is that if you can afford to pay, you probably should, but if you can't then cost shouldn't restrict you. Unfortunately there isn't a license that reflects this.

Say you're writing a book for commercial release. I know from experience, writing a book can take time, and it may take a while before you get any return. Commercial use means I'd want to be paid if my content is used for profit, but I also want to encourage works to get finished, so I'd be happy to defer getting paid till after publication to avoid up-front financial burden.

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