Ying Luo

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I am currently completing a PhD project on the leaf-blotch miner moths (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) of Australia, based at the Australian National Insect Collection. You can find out more about my research background on my website.

I started the Australian Leaf Miners iNat project to help understand the diversity of leaf mines across Australia. Check it out! Trust me, leaf mine hunting is fun.

Beyond my PhD I am someone who likes to explore and understand more about the natural history around us. Most interested in insects, but I post anything interesting I see. Always curious to learn more about the flora and fauna around me. I do not consider myself a professional at identification but hope to improve with the help of iNaturalist! :)

You can find me on my Instagram and Twitter accounts.

I obscure my observations by default, but I'm more than happy to provide GPS locations on an individual basis for research purposes.

Projects I enjoy:
Australian Leaf Miners

Leafminers of North America

Australian Galls


Global Caterpillar Construct Project

Personal Mini-Lists:
Host Plants of Leaf Miners - Would appreciate help with IDing these. :)

My Gall Records

Useful Resources for ID
Moths and Butterflies of Australasia

The Fly Guide (Fly families)

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