Sean Clifford

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An aspiring amateur.

I've been interested in the natural world from a young age when I often sat bird watching with a pair of binoculars in my back garden as a child.

I use iNat to learn about the species around New Zealand - native and introduced. I'll observe anything I find of interest to me.
In terms of identification, I'm mostly self-taught through browsing observations, reading up on ID guides and sometimes scientific notes and papers. I feel confident in providing species level IDs to these taxa within NZ:

  • Bumblebees (Bombus)
  • Damselflies (Zygoptera)
  • Most Ladybirds (Coccinellidae)
  • Some Birds (Aves)

I'm also trying to get better at IDing:

  • True Crabs (Brachyura)
  • Stink Bugs, Shield Bugs, and Allies (Pentatomoidea)

I'll also often put down coarse IDs on Unknown observations to help them get picked up by identifiers who are more familiar with that area than I am. This might be why you see a broad ID like "Plants" from me.
Call me out if you think I've made a mistake when IDing. Sometimes I branch out into unfamiliar territory. I'm generally quick to withdraw or respond on disagreeing IDs.

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