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Interested in improving habitats and providing nesting places to birds in cities.


Nowadays using compact camera only, so the picture quality is not always the best. They're often also screencaptures from a video. Also trying to focus more on sounds, behavior and habitats than visualities.


Observation fields:

Also created fields: Dew Point (°C), Sea Level

Stats: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

Tags: cable collision, caching, color, construction site, gesture, injury, nest box.

There's often observations about animals more or less in trouble, handled, etc... Please add description.

Does helpless looking young birds need help? Generally not, but that depends on species too.

Especially young thrushes leave nest before they can fly.

If nestling has fallen from nest, and is too young to survive outside, before returning it to nest, it should be checked if it's warm before returning to nest, as low body temperature could cause fatal digestion problems if parent feeds it before incubating.

If bird needs help, it's best to contact wildlife rehab, but in some cases these help instructions for different aged House Sparrows could be useful:

Bird confused from glass collision? 1-2 hours in a dark ventilated carboard box (eg. shoebox wih holes) in a safe place could aid recovery before releasing.

On glass collisions, confused bird should be kept 1-2 hrs, or if needed even longer, inside dark ventilated box (eg. shoebox with holes) in a peaceful place. Keeping the bird dark without disturbance aids recovery. (Note: concussion may make the bird spin wild or act otherwise disturbingly, but that doesn't mean it is actually so seriously hurt that it would need to be euthanized and rest will help.) It would be best for wildlife rehab personnel to check the bird before release for internal injuries which could cause the bird die later even if it could fly away, but if that's not possible, release could be tried after that time period if the bird looks better.

Help for grounded swifts:

All birds caught by cats need treatment even if they seem ok:

Cat enclosure for keeping birds and cats itself safe:

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