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Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus)




October 24, 2013 09:30 PM NZDT


Rat having sticky rice for dinner after thoroughly checking out the premises for bobby traps.

I think the camera movement, in the first animated sequence, is the rat checking out the camera having just circled right around the trap.

The sequence:
20:26:37 Rat passes entrance, checks out camera at rear
20:26:55 Rat passes entrance again
21:16:16 Rat pokes nose in and grabs rice at entrance
21:23:52 Rat enters and eats rice in foyer (leaves 21:25:10)
21:25:42 Rat enters, checks alternative paths, crosses trap and snatches bait, retreats with it
21:33:14 Rat comes back, searches thoroughly for more food right through trap
23:22:27 Rat enters again searching for food. At the end of the sequence, notice the kitchen light comes on and lights up outside the entrance - the occupants unaware of the rat outside :-)