Reptiles and Amphibians of New Zealand

A guide to the reptiles currently found in New Zealand in the wild, most are native species, but there is the odd one that is introduced.

There are about 43 endemic geckos and about 50 skinks, not all are included here yet. Also there is a sea snake and marine turtles that visit.

Brown Skink 1
Oligosoma zelandicum
Chatham Island skink
Oligosoma nigriplantare
Common New Zealand Skink 2
Oligosoma polychroma
copper skink 3
Oligosoma aeneum
Cryptic Skink
Oligosoma inconspicuum
Grand Skink 4
Oligosoma grande
Green Skink
Oligosoma chloronoton
Falla's Skink
Oligosoma fallai
Fiordland Skink
Oligosoma acrinasum
Long-toed skink
Oligosoma longipes
Macgregor's Skink
Oligosoma macgregori
Marbled Skink
Oligosoma oliveri
McCann’s Skink 5
Oligosoma maccanni
Moko Skink 6
Oligosoma moco
Narrow-bodied Skink 7
Oligosoma homalonotum
Open Bay Islands skink
Oligosoma taumakae
Ornate Skink 8
Oligosoma ornatum
Otago Skink 9
Oligosoma otagense
Rainbow Skink 10
Lampropholis delicata
Robust Skink
Oligosoma alani
Scree Skink 11
Oligosoma waimatense
Shore/Smith's Skink 12
Oligosoma smithi
Small-eared skink
Oligosoma stenotis
Small-scaled Skink
Oligosoma microlepis
Speckled Skink
Oligosoma infrapunctatum
Spotted Skink
Oligosoma lineoocellatum
Southern Skink
Oligosoma notosaurus
Striped Skink
Oligosoma striatum
Suters Skink 7
Oligosoma suteri
Whitaker's Skink
Oligosoma whitakeri
Common Snake-necked Turtle 13
Chelodina longicollis
Red-eared Slider 14
Trachemys scripta elegans
Cloudy Gecko
Mokopirirakau nebulosus
Common Green Gecko 16
Naultinus elegans
Jewelled Gecko 17
Naultinus gemmeus
Black Eyed Gecko
Mokopiriraka kahutarae
Canterbury gecko 18
Woodworthia brunneus
Central tree gecko
Naultinus poecilochlorus
Delcourt's Sticky-toed Gecko
Hoplodactylus delcourti
Duvaucel's Gecko 19
Hoplodactylus duvaucelii
Gold-striped Gecko
Woodworthia chrysosireticus
Gray's Sticky-toed Gecko 20
Mokopirirakau granulatus
Gray's Tree Gecko 21
Naultinus grayii
Harlequin Gecko 22
Tukutuku rakiurae
Marlborough Green Gecko
Naultinus manukanus
Pacific Sticky-toed Gecko 23
Dactylocnemis pacificus
Rough Gecko 24
Naultinus rudis
Southern North Island Forest Gecko 25
Hoplodactylus "southern north island"
Spotted Sticky-toed Gecko 26
Woodworthia maculatus
Starry Tree Gecko 27
Naultinus stellatus
Stephen's Island Gecko
Toropuku stephensi
Warty Tree Gecko 5
Naultinus tuberculatus
Wellington Green Gecko 28
Naultinus punctatus
Southern Bell Frog 29
Litoria raniformis
Archey's Frog 30
Leiopelma archeyi
Whistling Tree Frog 31
Litoria ewingii
Hamilton's Frog 32
Leiopelma hamiltoni
Hochstetter's Frog 30
Leiopelma hochstetteri
Maud Island Frog 32
Leiopelma pakeka
Tuatara 23
Sphenodon punctatus

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