2250 thumb Scatology for New Zealand

Examples of animal scat (including poo and regurgitated pellets) to help identify what species has 'passed' this way.

A good resource:

Leaf-Veined Slugs 1
Domestic Horse 1
Equus caballus
240px cowpat
Domestic Cattle 2
Bos taurus
Domestic Pig 3
Sus scrofa domesticus
240px feces de can (dog)
Domestic Dog 4
Canis familiaris
Domestic Cat 5
Felis catus
240px heidschnucken in schmarbeck 05
Domestic Sheep 6
Ovis aries
240px kot afrikanischer zwergziegen
Domestic Goat 7
Capra hircus
Hedgehog 8
Erinaceus europaeus
240px frosty droppings, scorhill down   geograph.org.uk   1710611
Domestic Rabbit 9
Oryctolagus cuniculus domesticus

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