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October 30, 2019

2021 City Nature Challenge

Hello! My name is Aaron Lincoln. I'm a Texas Master Naturalist from the Heart of Texas Chapter in Waco. I'm also an iNaturalist addict. I've brought you all here because I'm in the process of creating a new "city" for the 2021 City Nature Challenge and you are active observers in the counties that will hopefully be approved as "Heart of Texas". If approved, the area I think would be included are the counties Hamilton, Somervell, Bosque, Hill, Coryell, Mclennan, Limestone, Falls and Bell. If you aren't aware of the City Nature Challenge, it was a wonderful time during April when cities across the world have a friendly competition to see who can make the most observations and find the most species. Apart from being a lot of fun, the challenge makes a real contribution to science and helps guide policy sometimes in bigger cities once decision makers see what kind of organisms are present in the area. You can find more info here:

Everything is done on iNaturalist, so you don't have to do anything different, just get out there and make observations. There's usually 4 days for observations followed by a week to upload and make identifications. I live in Bosque County, which currently isn't part of any "city", so I usually drive up to the southernmost county included in the DFW area. I really think that our area with Hillsboro, Waco, Temple, Killeen, Belton, and outlying areas really have something to offer, especially as the area continues to grow and development replaces natural areas.

Here's a link to the results of last year's challenge:
And here's how DFW did:

It was a little too late to get on board for 2020, but 2021, here we come!
I hope to see you all out there, and by all means, help out another city this year and get in on the fun. Also, please tag anyone else you think might be interested.
@sambiology Am I missing anything? :)

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