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March 06, 2017

Another Walk in the Park

After an interlude of a bit more wintry weather including some actual snow it has warmed up again. I'm getting antsy for things to come alive out there so I took another stroll to the neighborhood park desperate to find something observable. There wasn't much to be seen, as far as I could tell. Peeling bark off downed trees didn't yield anything interesting; I'd really like to see some invertebrates outside the house for a change. In the end I settled for some trees and fungi. I also got looking at the mosses on and around a north-facing rock face. Knowing I'd have to do some magnification to ID them I pocketed a few specimens. Now I'm in the process of figuring out how to get the best photos I can with the equipment I have so they may not be uploaded any time soon.

The more efficient workflow I mentioned in my previous journal entry paid off and I have officially uploaded my backlog of "historical" observations. There are some others I may or may not list depending on whether I can get a fix on locations for them. I'd especially like to get my Galápagos finches confirmed but that's going to be a bigger undertaking since I'd have to do a lot of correlating of journal entries with the actual photos. Time will tell if actually tackle that project.

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