July 10, 2022

Observations hiatus

Hello to all of my dear iNaturalist friends. I've recently had an exciting trip where I made over 500 observations of lots of very cool things. Unfortunately, on arriving home there have been several different emergencies taking place all at the same time, including lack of air conditioning in our home (thanks Texas) and very serious family emergency. It's been an incredibly difficult past few days. So for now I've decided to hold off on posting any new observations until things are resolved and life can continue as normal. I'm really not sure of the timeframe on that, but the emergency is being handled by professionals, so I know things will go back to being okay in due time. I look forward to posting again so we can celebrate all the great new things that I've observed together.

I'll still try to make some IDs when I can, but if I take longer to respond to messages or tags this is why. Thank you for understanding.

Best regards,

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