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December 14, 2023

Thelymitra x Calochilus

Crossed in the 1990s by D.P. McCrae from plants in his garden, these represent some of the only known examples of hybrids between Thelymitra and Calochilus. These specific crosses are between T. pulchella and C. paludosus.

The plants tend to be much closer to Thelymitra in morphology, maintaining the simple and unmodified outer floral whorls typical of this genus. The only way in which they differ is in the structure of the column, where the column arms extend far beyond the top and lack any cilia. The post anther lobe also appears to be reduced, although is still comparable to T. pulchella. Unfortunately any further identification is limited by the condition of the specimens.

This post was prompted by Matt Ward's discovery, where I suggested the unlikely possibility of an intergeneric cross like this as a possible explanation. While I still don't think this is the most likely explanation, there are admittedly some simultaneities between these plants and Matt's, namely in the general stature of the plants and in some of the floral structures.

Unfortunately at this time I am limited in how much I can dissect them, but will seek permission to open the other flowers up, and will look into getting images of the specimens that have been kept in the spirit collection.

Whole plants

Close ups

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