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December 26, 2022

Key to the Milesiini of Australia and New Zealand

Happy Christmas to our Antipodean friends!

I've been trying this out over the last few days and it seems to work for me. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

There are not a huge number of these flies and they seem to mostly be large, distinctlive and charismatic.

I'd like to extend this further to the wider region but there's a just a couple of descriptions I can't get hold of - hopefully I'll do that at some point.

The 18 species covered are as follows:

Malometasternum rufocaudatum
Deineches fulva, D hackeri, D nudiventris

Odyneromyia illucens, O iridescens, O spadix, O transparens

Orthoprosopa (Orthoprosopa) grisea
Orthoprosopa (Paratropidia) bilineata, O (P) multicolor
Syritta hackeri, S luteinervis, S orientalis

Chalcosyrphus (Hardyimyia) elongata
Chalcosyrphus (Neploneura) pleuralis, C (N) victoriensis
Xylota flavitarsis

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