April 30, 2022

Move to Indiana

Hi y'all!
For the whole time I've been doing iNat, I have been living at my home in CT. It's a great home, surrounded by many habitats. I've iNatted in fields and marshes, in woods and by (and on!) ponds, along roads and in my yard. I have collected over 3,700 observations and more than 600 species in the short seven months since I began iNat!
But all that is about to change. My dad resigned his job in the Navy because our family disagrees with the legality of the vax mandates, and we are shortly moving to Indiana. This Monday and Tuesday, my family will move to a farm in southern Indiana, where we hope to get milk cows, chickens, other farm animals, and a garden. While I'm really going to miss this home and woods, I am excited to explore a new area and habitat! Please pray for me as I transition to a new home and lifestyle!
For the next two weeks or so, I will likely add no observations, as my dad's computer will not be connected. I will still be taking photos, and will upload them later. I may not respond to things for extended periods of time, but I'll try to get to mentions pretty fast.
Thanks all for reading! Here are just a few of my favorite observations from the past seven months!

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