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May 02, 2024

Common Checkered-Skipper and Allies Complex Burnsius communis

Common Checkered-Skipper and Allies Complex Burnsius communis

White Checkered-Skipper and Common Checkered Skipper cannot be separated with photos. Dissection of the male genitalia is required. See:
under the "Identification” section, or any field guide.
In areas where both species occur, such as San Antonio, we are left with genus level IDs.

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May 06, 2024

City Nature Challenge -Closing at 9am Monday

**Open - ZOOM CALL **
Join us for the final countdown to the City Nature Challenge in the Central Time Zone! The City Nature Challenge officially closes at 9:00 AM Central Time on Monday, May 6th, 2024. The call opens to all interested parties starting at 8:30 AM, with a limit of 100 participants. Registration [LINK ] to join!

During the call, CNC-Admins will snapshot our standings in the Central Zone. This is your chance to be part of the final push for the San Antonio Metro Area to lead Texas/USA in observations and closely on species count. (Call limited to USA participants)

**What can you do before then?**

  1. Complete your observations from April 26th to April 27th, focusing on wild species. Especially if you've discovered new species not observed by others.
  2. Review your observations activities  on your profile Dashboard and aim for "Research Grade" status where possible. Skip casual observations.

**How to review your observations acitivities:**

- Log in to

- Go to your Dashboard ->"Home" tab -> "Your Content" tab. Look for observations not yet at "Research Grade," particularly those from April 26th to April 29th.

- Mitigate Observation (not-Research Grade) these observations by approving or by providing comments to other iNat User(s).
This can only increases our species count if it is a new species not observed in SA-Metro Area but also boosts our Research Grade status, which is crucial for TPWD-TNT reporting.


Let's make the most of these final days of the City Nature Challenge! See you on the Zoom call.

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The San Antonio Metro Area emerges victorious in TEXAS !

But wait, there’s more...we’ve clinched the top spot in the entire USA (out of 139 USA cities)! And that’s not all—we’ve secured an impressive #3 ranking on the Global stage!

Our hearts overflow with gratitude for your tireless efforts on behalf of nature and our cherished Texas communities. With a staggering 64,731 observations, your dedication, participation in walks, and generous investment of time and resources in the City Nature Challenge 2024 have propelled us to this phenomenal achievement. From Gillespie down to Goliad County, from Medina across to Guadalupe County, let’s unite in celebrating this extraordinary triumph. Each of you has played an integral role, and we extend our sincerest thanks for your countless contributions. More Details 

Now, it’s time to rejoice! Join us for a Celebration Event on May 17th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, at Confluence Park. Come share your stories, highlight your favorite observations, and claim your well-deserved Team/Individual prizes. We eagerly anticipate seeing you at Confluence Park - San Antonio, Texas!  

Celebration  at Confluence RSVP
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