July 07, 2020

Snake Days 2020 Statewide BioBlitz During City 4th of July Weekend park/greenbelt Closures

I decided to participate INaturalist's "Snake Days 2020 Statewide BioBlitz"during City of Austin's "stay home order". It's a challenge because I couldn't go anywhere far away from home and all the city/county parks and greenbelts were closed.

Most of my observations were done alone at night, because summer days are too hot and humid for me and my dog. Texas daytime summer heat can quickly sap my energy, cloud my mind...then heatstroke, lol! As a woman of color, can hiking alone at night ever be considered safe? Well, personally safety is always a concern, that's why I have my dog with me. Even though the risk of being attack is minimal, but I remain very wary of two-legged predators more than any wild animal.

Most of my night time observations were done on public land: Tejas camp, Brushy Creek regional trail (before the 4th July weekend lockdown), Rattan Creek Greenbelt, Riata pond and my backyard.

The highlights of my observation: The Striped Skunk @ Rattan Creek Greenbelt. It sprayed my dog, right on her face!

I want to thank those people who ID'ed my observations, but most importantly, I want to thank my partner in crime...the best trail dog: DoDo (She's the best!)

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