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February 12, 2023

Is it Spring yet?

Spring in central Florida has more to do with the flora and fauna than the weather. Even then it can be tricky to make a clear distinction. Right now local birds are already nesting, yet our winter American Robins and Goldfinches are still here. Spring flowers are blooming, though some fall wildflowers still are too. Spring is when the pines try to pollinate your face; it's hard to ignore that harbinger of spring.

This morning my 8-year-old rode his scooter (while I rode my bike) for three miles around our neighborhood. He was excited that we saw "five to ten deer." (There were three.) I was excited by my first robber fly of the year - Laphria 'floridensis.' I also noticed several baskettails in the air, so I decided to try searching Sylvan Lake for early season dragonflies in the afternoon.

This was the first time I tried kayaking with my 8-year-old in his own kayak. He's fearless and did fantastic.

My primary target was Florida Baskettail (Epitheca stella), which flies in February and March in marsh-lined ponds, especially those with swamp sawgrass. We found several, though most other dragonflies and damselflies were in short supply. I was expecting Florida Cruisers (Didymops floridensis), and after a lot of searching, I found a single exuvia. Lilypad Forktails and Florida Bluets are out, but no Cherry or Golden Bluets.

So it's definitely spring, but there's still more to come!

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