October 14, 2020

A single tree in Jackson Heights

This tree (Japanese cherry?) looks perfectly healthy. Leaves are fine, bark looks ok. But for some reason, it's home to an incredible number of fungi, as well as some moss. Here are the ones I saw in a few minutes. The bark mycena (Mycena corticola) has apparently not been spotted before in Queens.

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August 05, 2019

Museo Nacional in Bogota

I spent a week staying across the street from the Museo Nacional. I was working and had little time to explore and observe the city. But in the museum's front yard, I made a few observations. Almost all were on this tree:


This “chinche” was walking on the bark.

Probably the same kind of chinche had been caught by a spider in a nearby tree

This larva was on the bark

There were many of these gastropods all over the bark

The tree is infested with scale insects, including females
and males.

These pale lady beetles are probably eating the scale.

This spider was on a leaf of the tree and this larva was on another leaf.

Right nearby, also in the front yard of the museum, I saw flies, a weevil, and a caterpillar

There were also a couple of typical North American weeds in the lawn:

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