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February 01, 2021

Texas Eagle Nests in the news

Thank you to Trey Barron, our TPWD Bald Eagle coordinator and one of our project curators, for getting the Texas Eagle Nests project mentioned in an article about the annual Bald Eagle Count in east Texas:,158671

Please spread the word - every observation helps us learn more about these birds and their recovery!

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February 11, 2021

Help testing a demo project

Hi folks,
Reaching out to you for a little short-notice help… I’ve been working with a group of partners who will be implementing a Lights Out Texas campaign across Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio this spring, and one of the planned activities is bird-building collision monitoring. The group has decided to use iNaturalist for a portion of the data collection, aiming for some specific information beyond the iNat basics that can be used for some more targeted analyses. We’ve got a “sandbox” traditional project to test out some of the custom fields before setting up the actual live project.

The ask: would you be willing to join the project and share 1-3 bird observations (they DO NOT have to be collisions/dead, just birds) and fill out the project fields so we can get a sample dataset and make sure this is all working properly?
BirdCast Monitoring TEST:

Don't worry about being exact about what goes into the fields (routes, addresses, and corresponding eBird list); this will all be explained to participants in the project protocol (in development), so right now anything will be fine.
Hope everyone is staying safe and warm(ish). Thanks for your help!
Tania Homayoun
Texas Nature Trackers, TPWD

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February 23, 2021

Tracking the impacts of this storm on wildlife

Uri (the winter storm that occurred February 13-17, 2021 that brought record cold temperatures to many parts of North America) has dominated the recent news cycle, and in addition to the toll it's taken on human communities, many people are sharing their observations of the toll on wildlife via social media (like this report of Eastern Bluebirds from North Texas). We welcome folks to share such sightings with this project as well!

To share observations, you must have an iNaturalist account and join this project. Then, select the observations you wish to share and add them to this project. While it was set up and is administered by Texas Parks and Wildlife, this project will accept observations made during February 2021 throughout North America.

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Exotics or native wildlife?

There have been some questions about whether we're just interested in native wildlife or whether we would accept observations for exotic/non-native species in this project. Please feel free to add exotic species observations as we can always use and sort these data in different ways.

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