Hyllus manu in Sri Lanka (New geo record both in iNat and in the world, I suppose)

I recently spotted a nearly dead jumping spider on a rose. It was barely twitching its legs, yet showed no more movement whatsoever. In a few hours it got a bit better, so I released it. Then it was identified as a Hyllus manu, a species thought to be endemic to Chennai, India! THIS COULD BE A NEW SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY! Any opinions? I have contacted Dr. Benjamin, an extensive spider researcher in Sri Lanka, but I have also asked for recommendations from @elaphrornis, @naufalurfi and @anubhav-agarwal.

We now know that there are some differences, but without examining the genitalia nothing can surely be established.

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Photos / Sounds




May 2021


Sri Lanka (Google, OSM)


Exited about this new sighting ...

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