May 20, 2021

Hyllus manu in Sri Lanka (New geo record both in iNat and in the world, I suppose)

I recently spotted a nearly dead jumping spider on a rose. It was barely twitching its legs, yet showed no more movement whatsoever. In a few hours it got a bit better, so I released it. Then it was identified as a Hyllus manu, a species thought to be endemic to Chennai, India! THIS COULD BE A NEW SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY! Any opinions? I have contacted Dr. Benjamin, an extensive spider researcher in Sri Lanka, but I have also asked for recommendations from @elaphrornis, @naufalurfi and @anubhav-agarwal.

We now know that there are some differences, but without examining the genitalia nothing can surely be established.

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December 03, 2020

Migration of Blue-tailed bee-eaters in Sri Lanka

These adorable birds are one of the 2 migrant bee-eaters in Sri Lanka. They stay in Sri Lanka mostly in winter. According to eBird data, Blue-tailed bee-eaters are at their highest numbers in November, reduce in March and are mostly not present until September. They migrate from the north and then settle here for the winter. Later in May they migrate back to the north to breed.

Blue-tailed bee eaters seen in Sri Lanka, in percentage

Blue-tailed bee-eater range migration.gif

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