Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
On a scale of 1-10 how fancy is this pigeon? 06-18-2024 numeric
Is this Pigeon fancy? 06-18-2024 text
Fruit position 06-18-2024 text The fruit position of Passiflora sect. Dysosmia species (Especially P. vesicaria)
Has legs? 06-18-2024 text Does the animal have legs (used for taxa which may or may not have legs, like lizards)?
Fungarium Accession Location (On MycoPortal) 06-17-2024 text This field denotes: 1. The current physical location of the specimen depicted in this iNat observation; 2. that this specimen searchable on MycoPortal. Note the institution name including code i.e. (NY) New York Botanical Gardens, (HAY) Cal State East Bay
Attracted to: 06-17-2024 text
Animal Feeding on/Preyed on: 06-17-2024 taxon For plant's leaves/fruits or for animals
Insect Life Stage: 06-17-2024 text
Animal-Plant Interaction: 06-17-2024 text To study plant and animal interaction
Nature of Plant 06-17-2024 text
Feeding on/Nourishing from 06-17-2024 taxon
Animal- Animal Interaction 06-17-2024 text
Insect Life Stages 06-17-2024 text Life stages of insects.
Animal-Plant interaction 06-17-2024 text To understand use of plants by animals.
FQW data type 06-16-2024 text differentiate AWIs, WST, problem species, etc.
Bird age (Ottenby Calendar Year) 06-15-2024 text Bird age codes according to the Ottenby Calendar Year system, primarily used in Europe
BdP->Ecological_Interaction->Associated_species_URL 06-15-2024 text Enter the URL for the iNaturalist observation of the other interacting organism/species.
BdP->Ecological_Interaction->Flower_Visitor->Proboscis_inserted 06-15-2024 text Is the proboscis visibly inserted into the flower?
Flower colour - other combination (APOID) 06-15-2024 text Description of other flower colour combinations
Pollinating interaction 06-15-2024 text This observation involves an interaction between a flower and an insect or other animal that might perhaps result in pollination.
Type of Magicicada call 06-13-2024 text What kind of Magicicada call is captured in the recording?
US_PNW_DNA_Sequenced_Inocybe 06-13-2024 text
Flowers per Inflorescence 06-13-2024 numeric Average count of flowers/fruits/buds per inflorescence
Eastern Hemlock 06-10-2024 text Small Grove of Mature Trees
Honeybee present 06-10-2024 text evident
Above/below ground 06-09-2024 text Is the observation of a plant above-ground near the soil core site, or a plant from below-ground that germinated from the soil core? Choose "above" or "below" from the drop-down menu.
urban habitat 06-09-2024 text
Bosco 06-09-2024 text
Location_Name 06-08-2024 text Use the same location name as in the citsci project
americanus_form 06-08-2024 text distinctive morphological forms within the species Habronattus americanus
New observation field