Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
Artorhiza Leaf Outline 2021-01-27 text What is the general outline of the leaf
Involucre Pubescence 2021-01-27 text What is the type of pubesence on the involucre?
Leaf Color adaxial surface 2021-01-27 text What is the color of the upper leaf surface?
Ray-flower persistence 2021-01-27 text Are the ray flowers deciduous or persistent?
capitulum scales 2021-01-27 text What is the type of pubescence on the scales of the receptacle scales that are found in the flower head?
Mexico 2021-01-27 text especies de Mexico
Bio 2 Lab Section 908 2021-01-27 text
BSC2011L901S21 2021-01-26 text
Copulation with more than one female? Minimum number of males involved 2021-01-26 numeric
Spring 2021 904 2021-01-26 text
Occurence ID 2021-01-26 text
Bio 2 Lab Section 905 2021-01-26 text
Bortle dark sky scale 2021-01-26 text integer from 1-9; see https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/
903 2021-01-26 text
Date and Time of Removal 2021-01-25 datetime
BSC2011L 905 2021-01-25 text
UFID 2021-01-25 numeric UF ID Number
# Observed (if more than one) 2021-01-25 numeric Please record the total # observed in your immediate surroundings (~50ft).
Take photo? 2021-01-25 text Did you take a photo of the terrapin?
Live or Dead? 2021-01-25 text Please record if the terrapin you observed on road was live, dead or injured.
Live? 2021-01-25 text
on Camellia japonica 2021-01-25 text Camellia japonica
Vetiver/soil pH 2021-01-25 text approximate pH (i.e. alkaline, acid, neutral)
Vetiver/soil type 2021-01-25 text soil type (i.e. sand, loam, clay, rock)
Vetiver/annual rainfall/mm 2021-01-25 numeric annual rainfall
BSC2011L 008 2021-01-25 text
BSC2011L 006 2021-01-25 text
Habitat/Community Type 2021-01-24 text Habitat type
Habitat Test 2021-01-24 text Habitat type
Yellow Flower 2021-01-24 text Kingdom Plantae at Peterson Park.
New observation field