Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
on Cycas 2021-06-15 text Cycas
on Cotinus coggygria 2021-06-14 text Cotinus coggygria
on Xanthium 2021-06-14 text Xanthium
Nombre Común local 2021-06-14 text
on Aralia cordata continentalis 2021-06-13 text Aralia cordata continentalis
School Site 2021-06-12 text School Site
on Rorippa 2021-06-12 text Rorippa
on Ranunculus chinensis 2021-06-12 text Ranunculus chinensis
on Rudbeckia 2021-06-11 text Rudbeckia
on Petunia 2021-06-11 text Petunia
Off-Cycle Emergence 2021-06-11 text For Magicicada stragglers; describe off-cycle emergence.
MIV_mid 2021-06-09 numeric method and subsite identifier
MIV_sid 2021-06-09 numeric site identifier
MIV_uid 2021-06-09 numeric site & method identifier
Native to MA? 2021-06-09 text Is organism native to Massachusetts, USA?
PlantSex 2021-06-08 text Sex of the individual observed.
water terperature 2021-06-08 text
on Celastrus flagellaris 2021-06-08 text Celastrus flagellaris
on Agrimonia 2021-06-08 text Agrimonia
Esta observación ha sido registrada también en eBird 2021-06-07 text La observación de esta especie fue registrada también en la plataforma eBird
What was the Name? 2021-06-07 taxon What was the taxon of the arthropod you found?
Height Off Ground 2021-06-07 text At what elevation was the animal when it made its alarm call?
Disturbance Type 2021-06-07 text What caused the animal to make this alarm call?
Potential risk 2021-06-07 text Potential risk
Conservation Target 2021-06-07 text Conservation Target
Crown light exposure (# of sides) 2021-06-07 text Crown light exposure (# of sides)
DBH 6 (cm) 2021-06-07 numeric DBH 6 (cm)
DBH 5 (cm) 2021-06-07 numeric DBH 5 (cm)
DBH 4 (cm) 2021-06-07 numeric DBH 4 (cm)
DBH 3 (cm) 2021-06-07 numeric DBH 3 (cm)
New observation field