Annual Reports

Learn more about the amazing finds and activity of the iNat NZ community in past years

Annual Reports on iNaturalist NZ–Mātaki Taiao from the NZ Bio-Recording Network Trust

Beginning in 2020, we're endeavoring to provide you with an annual summary of some of the many incredible contributions that the community on iNaturalist NZ–Mātaki Taiao has made to knowledge of nature in Aotearoa–New Zealand.

Annual Report 2019–2020

This is our first public annual report and it focuses on our activities throughout 2019–2020. However, since this is the first, we also take the time to introduce the NZ Bio-Recording Network Trust and our history operating iNaturalist NZ. We then celebrate the recent action and discoveries on iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao.

The hardest part of preparing this report was deciding what to leave out. There have been so many discoveries that we've had to leave a lot out, and the report is already longer than we'd planned. Our apologies in advance if we've missed your favourite observation of the past year. It's a testament to the enormous value of the iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao that there have been so many important finds to highlight. We hope you find something interesting.

As we say in the report, a huge thank you to all of you who have contributed observations and identifications and comments to iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao over the past year. Every year of iNaturalist NZ—Mātaki Taiao has been bigger and better than the one before. Together you're making a fantastic contribution to expanding our knowledge of nature in New Zealand. Ngā mihi.

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