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I spent the first 25 years of my life in Zimbabwe, working part-time in the QVM (Hon Ornithologist) and spending as much time in the bush as possible. I've been on foot and slept out in the Zambesi Valley, dodging tsetses and ZIPRA, in some places even Mr Google doesn't know: Chizarira, Ruziruhuru, Sinamwenda, Sengwa, Old MacKenzie's, Matusadona, Bumi, Sanyati, Hurungwe, Mana, Sapi and Chewore, plus many other wild places in Zim
This buffalo was my earliest observation on iNat, when I was 13, and probably one of the earliest observations on iNat that was self-observed and photographed.
I went through UCR and UR (Zoology, Botany & Ecology), then 3 in Oxford with the AERG looking at water voles for my DPhil. I taught in the Vet School of UQ for 30 years and am now retired in Brisbane, Australia. I started out in birds but I am now interested in all aspects of natural history. I was the editor of The Emu (for a few years) and of The Queensland Naturalist (for 27 years). We try to get one overseas trip a year (with a gap for COVID, of course) but there are lots of interesting places waiting for a visit.
["nyoni" is isiZulu for bird]
My images are cropped and reduced in size - if anyone wants to use them please contact me for the originals.
These are my years in review:

I wish my observations, comments and identifications be retained on this site after my death.

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