Lee Thomas

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I am a generalist with always evolving interests, anchored in a passion for nature. A birder my whole life, wetland habitats now draw me and, thanks to iNat, smaller beings I had overlooked as well as non-faunal taxa. (And my shout-out for the season - Right Whales.)

Paleontology, my first career, fascinates & guides me - unveils how our planet’s biological & geologic dynamics create changing biodiversities - unique in time/space. My focus on early vertebrates exists with a curiosity for what I can see, now.

I am thankful to the 1) observers/identifiers, 2) experts/amateurs, and 3) the folks behind the scenes at iNaturalist. I think it’s ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT to have this & similar forums while the radical & rapid changes we create cause such huge losses of biodiversity. Several of my observations can no longer be replicated, and too many are state listed.

And feel free to help any of my errant (or not) observations & identifications - works in progress. Some, like birds, are old friends & some, like Derbids, are becoming familiars. I am always learning.

Happing Exploring, Everyone! And tag, talk, whatever, whenever.

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