Lee Thomas

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I am a generalist. A passion for Nature makes nothing uninteresting! A birder my whole life, wetland habitats now draw me and, thanks to iNat, smaller beings I had overlooked as well as non-faunal taxa. (And my shout-out for the season - the Migrators.)

Paleontology, my first career, totally fascinates & also guides me. It shows how biologic & geologic dynamics create evolving biodiversities - unique in time/space. Morphology & adaptation rock.

I am thankful to the 1) observers/identifiers, 2) experts/amateurs, and 3) the folks behind the scenes at iNaturalist. I think it’s ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT to have this & similar forums while the radical & rapid changes we create cause such huge losses of biodiversity. Several of my observations can no longer be replicated, and too many are state listed.

I am an avid learner so, please, feel free to help any of my errant (or not) observations & identifications - works in progress. Some, like birds, are old friends & some, like Derbids, are becoming familiars.

Happing Exploring, Everyone! And tag, talk, whatever, whenever.

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