Aalbert Rebergen

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I am a birdwatcher who became a botanist who always had an interest in herpetology and then got into entomology, especially Lepidoptera, where I am still a bit of a novice. Basically I am interested in everything that walks, hops, swims or crawls...
I am a lucky individual having been able to make a living out of my hobby, here in NZ and previously in NL. My main professional interests have been conservation management of braided rivers, meadows and habitat remnants on private land, in covenants or otherwise.
iNaturalist and its community have made entomology so much fun. Exploring my garden at night with a spotlight or under the black UV lights on the garage, you never know what shows up. No idea what the neighbours think....Then putting the new observations on iNaturalist for it to be identified or ID confirmed, what a great hobby.

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