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I love plants, especially, trees, moss, ferns, and lycophytes; fungi; and LICHEN I am a huge fan of lichen. I am learning about wildlife tracking. I also love bones and have some zooarchaeology experience. I am a gardener, forager, herbalist, naturalist, artist, writer.

I currently work as a library assistant at the Andersen Horticultural Library at the MN landscape arboretum, where I answer lots of plant ID, horticultural, gardening, research-related, and other weird questions.

I am most familiar with the north woods, lakes, rivers, bogs, and prairie environments in so-called minnesota and wisconsin.

I am newly learning about fungi, lichens, ferns and mosses, and I would love help especially with those id's!! also always would love help with animal tracks!

mostly on stolen Dakota and Anishinaabeg land

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