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I am a Field Associate at the California Academy of Sciences helping Dr. Alison Gould with a project on siphonfishes, Siphamia sp.

As a kid living in a large landlocked city, I started my journey with fishes through the aquarium hobby, eventually working up to exclusively keeping and breeding African Cichlids. I discovered Ichthyology was a 'thing' when I arrived at the University of Guelph and met amazing scientists like David LG Noakes and Eugene K Balon.

For my Master I studied clown gobies, Microgobius gulosus in North West Florida, by snorkeling in an estuarine lagoon. I like to scuba dive and recently completed a Divemaster certification in Townsville on the Great Barrier Reef.

I'm also a huge advocate for Citizen Science and am in awe of the amazing naturalists that contribute to this site!

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