Anna Bennett

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I am an avid amateur naturalist, novice wildlife photographer, wife, mother, grandmother, and dog mom. My career was in environmental science, but I switched that all up twenty years ago when I moved to a small farm in rural SE Oklahoma. Now I am slowly working on converting our land to a sort of wildlife center; a place for pollinators, birds, and critters of all forms.

Currently, I am focusing on photographing and cataloging my observations of the various moth species here on the farm. That means I'm reading, talking, and (sometimes literally) breathing moths--along with all those other creatures that come into my lights at night.

I am indebted to several people who have helped me out along the way this summer, correcting my sad identifications and giving pointers on how I can improve my techniques. I welcome constructive criticism, and can even handle the nitpicky stuff...I'm a bit of a nerd like that myself! :)

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