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I’m a dork.

I prefer solitude or the company of other dorks. I’m not intolerably weird, just particular enough to ward off non-curious folks. For example, I like to yell out “Fun-gi fact!” and tell people random things about fungi. I sometimes get strange looks, but I am quite sure that they will benefit from receiving the information, so I have yet to be deterred. My life is: observe, read, write, explore, random act of kindness, eat well, sleep well...repeat. Each day, I try to learn something that challenges my previous-day’s learning. For this reason, I’ve been rather fixated on learning about fungi—there is no possible way to know every thing about fungi. It mutes perfectionist ideation.

Favorite Taxon:

Cortinariaceae family

Lastest Curiosity:

Commonly misidentified look-alikes...

Favorite Things Photographed:

A. rubescens | Lepidella

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