Dean Nicolle

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Botanist, arborist and ecologist, specialising in the eucalypts (the genera Angophora, Corymbia and Eucalyptus). Creator/curator of Currency Creek Arboretum in South Australia. Published numerous peer-reviewed articles and books on eucalypts - see

I've taken over 8000 herbarium specimens and/or photographic records of eucalypts in the wild, including of every Australian species.

In a project supported by Eucalypt Australia beginning in July 2023, I will be uploading all of my photographic records of eucalypts to iNaturalist. I will also be upgrading all my existing observations on iNat to include their field notes and additional diagnostic photos including leaf venation, coppice leaves, and seedlings grown from the observation. It will include representatives from every eucalypt species and subspecies. A full list of eucalypt species can be found here:

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