Dr. Kersey Lawrence

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I am an obsessed tracker and naturalist.

I am a Senior Tracker and Evaluator with CyberTracker. I evaluate T&S in South Africa and Trailing in North America. I've traveled to many places in this beautiful world to meet other strange people hanging out in natural areas (and some that are not as natural) following and finding an animal or three. There is nothing that I'd rather do.

I own a small USA based education company, Original Wisdom. We combine ancient and modern skills in custom designed international adventure education programs focusing on wildlife tracking and ecology, bushcraft and human culture.

I'm also a trained scientist and educator, and fulfill the roles of Ecologist and Lead tracker at my partner, Lee Gutteridge's company, Nature Guide Training in South Africa. Nature Guide Training has been training some of the most knowledgeable and passionate guides for over 15 years, and is well regarded by lodges and reserves in the ecotourism industry across Africa. Lee is a Senior Tracker and Evaluator for CyberTracker, a FGASA Scout with many additional high level certifications, and an accomplished wildlife author.

Lee and I have worked together since 2008, and we are currently busy developing affordable tracker correspondence courses, which will be released soon at TrackerMentoring.com.

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