Zachary Robertson

Joined: Oct 23, 2019 Last Active: Feb 06, 2023 iNaturalist NZ

I am a 16 year old aspiring marine biologist, with general interest in the NZ environment, particularly marine environments. Interested in NZ nudibranchs, marine crustaceans, and fish.

I best enjoy my time in or around the ocean and I am just getting into scuba diving. I enjoy finding any marine organisms but nudibranchs have to be the best :)

I typically upload observations of NZ marine life, but I have plenty of observations of forest/bush critters I find on my explorations around NZ.

On iNat, I typically only identify marine animals from NZ, but will provide other ID's that I am confident on. I am always happy to talk about taxonomy, identifications and various other things.

I am always keen to explore so if you are ever in need of a dive buddy, send me a message and I'll try my best to be available :)

If you would like to use any of my pictures or observations, please send me a message and I could potentially send a better photo.

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