David LaMagna

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Educator, father, life long learner. Jack of all trades, master of none.

I have always had an interest in nature, and for a long time the focus was solely listing birds. It is time for me to start formally cataloguing all the lifeforms I encounter, and to move away from my clumsy spreadsheets. I plan on becoming a serious iNaturalist user, and have started to import some historical sightings/encounters from old photos I have.

The current goal is to have 4,000 identified species by the time I turn 40. I will be using a special tag, "resolved", on my sightings here that I feel are verified beyond a reasonable doubt, and/or have been vetted on other platforms such Bug Guide. I plan on keeping all my avian sighting to eBird to avoid double counting species. Current global bird species as of 6/5/24 is 511.

Let me take a moment and say "THANK YOU!" to everyone who helps verify and identify species on this platform. Especially the trained professionals here, I am amazing at your dedication to your field. I love being able to learn from others here and the community and sharing aspect of iNaturalist is truly amazing.

If I verify a sighting here on iNaturalist it is because I feel extremely confident in the identification. Although mistakes are possible of course!

I love meeting and learning from others.

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