Janine Baker

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I've worked as a marine scientist in South Australia for 3 decades, and in marine education for 10+ of those years. I also work in primary-level special education. Previously, I worked on contract for fisheries and environment departments in SA, for 12 years.

I established a sole trader consultancy in 2004, doing contracts for State and national government agencies, universities and NGOs.

Previous work includes fish population dynamics and mathematical modelling; fish biology (e.g. fish otolith ageing techniques); marine environmental impact work; marine reserve design; marine GIS mapping / spatial database, numerical ecology and multivariate statistics; biogeography of macroalgae; spatial surveys of common fishes; surveys of rare fishes and invertebrates; introduced marine species, and marine citizen science project management.

I founded and manage the marine citizen science group South Australian Conservation Research Divers (SACReD), which has been active in SA for 15 years so far. SACReD divers, snorkellers and rock pool searchers undertake periodic field work, to document the distributions and habitats of uncommonly known species; to discover previously unrecorded species, and to record introduced species in intertidal and subtidal habitats.

For the past 7 years, I have also managed the Neville Coleman Memorial Nudibranch Dive Event, a community-based marine photography and citizen science event that occurs each summer in South Australia.

Sea slugs are my favourite marine animals, but pipefishes are a close second.

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