Megan Hanson

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hello! i love learning about bugs and birds and just about everything else.

i graduated from St Olaf College in 2023 with majors in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. ecology and environmental restoration fascinate me, and i take any opportunity i can to learn more about the world around me.

i worked as a summer naturalist at Wolf Ridge ELC in 2023.
i have also trained in raptor id and banding for a season at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Duluth, MN!
I am currently an intern at Cedar Creek LTER.

i have been lucky enough to travel all over the world- i've visited Alaska, Sub-Saharan Africa, Scandinavia, and Central Europe, as well as different places in the US (mostly in the midwest). my Africa trip was pivotal for me; i was really inspired by the naturalists who guided our safaris and how much they knew about the landscape and its wildlife. i also spent an incredible month in Ecuador studying neotropical ecosystems, and i learned so much from our guides there too.

thanks for any id help! feel free to comment on things too- i'd love to get feedback on my sightings!

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