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Hey guys. Mikey P here.

Currently, I am at Manchester Metropolitan University studying a masters in Zoo Conservation Biology. My favourite topics within the natural world are invertebrates, lichens/fungi, wildflowers and aquatic habitats, but my interests will be sparked with absolutely any species I have the pleasure to stumble across.

I currently have one project which I started in April 2024 called 'Maine Road Garden'. This is a green space just across the road from my house, in which I am aiming to improve the overall biodiversity for this area. This small oasis is within an urban environment, and I have strong views on improving the overall wildlife surrounding urban environments.

I have also started a 'Manchester City Centre Biodiversity' project up and running now. This is to see what wildlife we have in our wonderful, vibrant and precious city.

iNaturalist is a superb place to learn and collaborate with other fellows who share the same passions. Thank you for everyone who contributes to identifying my species, and I look forward to learning from you all, and seeing the wonderful species you will come across throughout the different regions of the globe.

If you have any project ideas you would like to set up in and around the North West of England (or need assistance with anywhere in the world ;)) then do not hesitate to get in touch. :)

Stay wild and happy exploring guys. :) !!!

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