Ryan O'Dell

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Ryan O'Dell.
Natural Resource Specialist.
Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
Central Coast Field Office.
Marina, California.

B.S. Plant Biology. University of California, Davis. 2002.
M.S. Soils and Biogeochemistry. University of California, Davis. 2005.

I am a Natural Resource Specialist (Botany/Soils/Paleontology) with the BLM Central Coast Field Office in Marina, California (since 2007). Our BLM office manages about 300,000 acres of public BLM lands in the South Coast Ranges. I spend most of my field time botanizing in the central Inner South Coast Ranges region (Panoche Hills to San Benito Mtn to Kettleman Hills). On my free time I botanize everywhere in California, often with my partner Amelia Ryan (iNat "abr"). I am particularly interested in edaphic endemics (especially serpentine), annual plant species diversity, and plant species distributions with respect to geology, soil type, topography, and climate. I am especially interested in the plant families Onagraceae (Camissonia), Polemoniaceae (Gilia), annual Brassicaceae (Caulanthus-Streptanthus), and tarweeds in Asteraceae (Madieae).

I grew up in the Big Bend area of Butte County, bordering Plumas National Forest lands. I spent a lot of time off-trail hiking and exploring in this area. It's how I became interested in plants and plant ecology, including soils and geology.

I only do plant species identifications on iNaturalist, hence my lack of observations here. I mostly focus on identifying California native species in Onagraceae, Polemoniaceae, Brassicaceae, and tarweeds in Asteraceae. I use Calflora for my species observations in the field. Please visit Calflora if you would like to see the locations that I have botanized and species that I have observed.

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