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I'm a teenage amateur nature nutter based in Bunbury. I'm interested in anything and everything to do with the natural environment, some of my main interests being Orthopteroid's, Buprestids, Odonatans, Papilionids, Orchids, Myrtaceae, Birds, Mammals and Reptiles. I record my bird surveys on Birdata instead of inat, however, just because Birdata being such a specific platform makes it more practical for most surveys. I've been interested in nature all my life.

I spend most of my spare time in the bush, and have a deep love for our extraordinary WA wildlife and remaining vegetation. I've been to quite a few patches of bush throughout the south-west but have so far not travelled further afield.

I post videos of some of the things I've found on Youtube. Link:

I'm a member of WAISS, the DRB branch of the WA Naturalists Club and currently run a revegetation group next to JFNP. The environment is my main interest, but I also have other interests in agriculture, traditional blacksmithing, ancient history, hip-hop dance, rugby, pyrotechnics and philosophy.

I'm very privileged to be part of inat because there are so many super knowledgeable people who couldn't be happier sharing their thoughts and experience. I'm taught something new every day by all you fantastic people. Someday I'd love to work in conservation, land management and Climate Change mitigation in throughout the wheatbelt and goldfields.

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